About Us

Our business, founded in 1973 by local craftsman Danny Wakley, combines quality and passion for fifty years. Danny’s family roots date back to 1565, when the first Seigneur came to Sark and so it is not a surprise that his son Ethan is now joining in his father’s footsteps as a carriage driver.


Our carriages are still hand-built by Danny with traditional tools, who has learnt the ancient skills of a wheelwright as a teenager and is passionate about woodwork, leatherwork and horse-husbandry. So much so, that he even learnt to shoe his own horses as a young lad and continues to do so to this day!

About Sark Carriage Rides - Danny Wakley

Our horses are very well looked after and allowed to roam free and grace on lush wide pastures all year around. As a thank you to our devoted four legged friends, when they get older they are allowed to enjoy a relaxed retirement with their pals on pristine kept and sheltered Island land.